From: Raysbrook Enterprises | Southshore Investment Corp. | Pipray Development Corp. | Big Boy Development Corp. | Land Ho LLC | Markbrook LLC | Bay Area Fence Corp. | Island Life Luxury Homes Inc.

To: Badger Construction & Associates

I have completed over 30 home remodels in South Hillsborough County. For the last five jobs I have used Badger Construction & Associates. I have never been as happy with a contractor or subcontractor as I have been with them. Badger is by far the most well organized and well run company I have ever worked with. From the moment one of their supervisors meets with me at the beginning of a job to the day of completion, every detail is covered. Their jobs are planned and completed in a timely manner. Their estimates are "real" numbers that I can count on. If they are unsure at to the cost of a custom product they tell me up front so I am not surprised by higher costs down the road. I would highly recommend Badger Construction & Associates to anyone considering a remodel or construction of any kind. Please feel free to contact me directly and/or meet me at one of my projects to see their work. I will be using them exclusively from now on.

James Raysbrook
President/Managing Member

From: Standard Pacific Homes

To: Badger Construction & Associates

I have been associated with Badger Construction for over nine years and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The company as a whole is very well organized, easy to communicate with and always on top of their jobs. I can say that I have never had a construction delay due to Badger. As we all know in this business that is saying a lot.

Their best attribute is probably supervision and service. If I have any issues concerning work done, I know a call is all it takes to get service in a very timely manner. Badger obviously takes service very seriously.

Badger Construction is also the most pro-active company we have on site when it comes to safety. They are active in the Tampa Bay Builders Association Safety Alliance and have their own safety supervision program. This is just another example of their commitment to not just excellent work but a safe clean job site.

When you are in construction and you get to deal with companies such as Badger it makes it so much easier on me as a Construction Manager to put forth the Quality product that my customers expect from me.

In Closing I would like to say that I consider it my privilege to work with Badger Construction and would highly recommend them to anybody with confidence.

Thank You,
Robert M.

From April Dailey

To: Badger Construction & Associates

A great big thank you to everyone at Badger Construction for being so pleasant to do business with. Everyone was so helpful, we enjoyed having you do the work on our home. If we have any friends who need work done in the future we will definitely give them your contact information.

Thanks again and God bless you all,
April Dailey

From: Pesco Pest and Termite Services Inc.

To: Badger Construction & Associates

When a tree fell on the roof of our office, it destroyed part of the garage and caused major structural damage. Our biggest concern was finding a reliable contractor. Since it was our rainy season, time was of the essence. We settled on Badger Construction and it was one of the best decisions we made. They were promptly here to assess the damage and went to work almost immediately.

The crew was efficient and in no time the damage was repaired for a reasonable sum. Even when the work was completed they came back for minor adjustments.

Badger Construction made a bad situation less stressful, especially since the work was very good. No one could tell the roof was ever damaged and the stucco they replaced matched perfectly.

Pesco Pest and Termite Services Highly recommends Badger Construction for construction needs.

Cecil Martin
Pesco Pest and Termite Services

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